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The Most Important Spring Cleaning You'll Do

Most Important Spring Cleaning You'll Do

Imagine if when you took your garbage out, you left most of it on the front porch. Only a couple crumpled napkins and an old spaghetti sauce bottle made it all the way to the curbside. What would your front porch look like after a few months?

Pretty ugly, right?

Now, think about how many tasks you do every day – sorting the mail and cooking, for example - that would become unmanageable because you couldn't add the old envelopes and onion skins to the porch – there isn't any room.

Well, think of your colon as your front porch: The exit way for your body’s unwanted waste. Everything you put into your body's unwanted waste. Everything you put into your body goes through a careful sorting and processing system as it passes through your digestive tract. And by the time you’ve gotten to your colon, it’s pretty much just the trash left over along with some water. Your colon moves this out of you while absorbing precious water from the waste.

If your colon isn’t working right, it’s like your garbage-filled front porch:

A few bits of waste get out, but the rest accumulates, which in turn gets in the way and makes more stuff accumulate. Before long, your colon is no longer a smooth exit and the rest of your digestive system starts slowing down as well.

To keep your waste-removal system running smoothly, the prescription is simple: Fiber, exercise and hydration. Fiber adds necessary bulk to your digestive waste and keeps it soft. It makes it easier for the muscles around your colon to squeeze and push your waste down and out. When we eat too much processed food, we miss out on this digestive scrub brush.

Another bonus: fiber makes us feel full, which keeps our stomach from putting out signals the brain to look for our next meal. You may eat less and even shed a few pounds. Drinking water keeps things flowing and exercise keeps our body moving – every part of it.

In winter especially, our bodies naturally slow down in response to less daylight. We exercise less, we eat more, snuggle on the couch with a good book or a favorite movie - we hibernate. Well, just like the bear after its long hibernation, as we up our activity in the spring, the first thing we need to do is eliminate all that buildup from winter. It's time for one of the most important spring cleaning chores - cleaning up our colon.

A good fiber-rich diet, with a minimum of processed foods, is the best thing for keeping your colon feeling good. But if you feel like you need a little extra help, there are lots of supplements and cleansers that can do the job.

And when your digestive system gets back in gear, you can get back in gear... to do the rest of your spring cleaning.